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Who We Are


IMG-20160110-WA0048The Gambian American Network was formed with the objectives of providing services to our community members here in United States and also provide the much needed assistance to the people of the Gambia through partnerships with other organizations to supplement the government’s assistance in uplifting communities.

IMG-20160110-WA0056Since her inception in February, 2015, the organization has created a platform here in New York, which allows us to provide services that our community is in desperate need of.  Such programs have come in the form of mentorship and tutoring programs to the adolescents in our community.  The primary goal for these programs is meant to create a positive environment for our young boys and girls through collaboration with some of the masjids in our community.

IMG-20160110-WA0036Our flagship department, headed and run by GAN’s female wing (MUSUGAN) have come up with programs that have become an instant success. The simple reason is that the wing is able to tailor-make program agendas that are more suited for girls. Some of the activities included but are not limited to sourcing professionals from different walks of life to participate and give presentations on bullying, health issues and tutoring STEM programs including Spanish. To top it up, a group of girls had a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience a trip to Six Flag amusement park.

IMG-20160110-WA0023 In the interim, we have formed a partnership with Bronx Works, a Bronx-based community house, whose goal is to help individuals and families improve their economic and social well-being. We were able to secure a facility to teach, and support our neighbors to build a stronger community. Back to The Gambia, after thorough evaluation and research, we decided to run a scholarship program, where students are selected based on need and academics. With the help of our able program coordinator and the Ministry of Education, we were able to successfully deliver a program that sponsored a total of 50 students across The Gambia totaling D200, 000 in distributions.

IMG-20160110-WA0045In future years, the target is to sponsor at least 1000 students. GAN as an organization will continue to do everything possible to reach such goals. However, we also know we will need to partner and seek collaboration with other Gambian organizations in the diaspora and make this dream a reality for The Gambian students. Together, we will work on the logistics; invest together in the future of our beloved country. For more information, please send a note to info@nycgan.org and one of our PRO members will answer any questions you may have. We look forward to working with other organizations and individuals to achieve our goal.