Scholarship Program – The Gambia

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The GAN scholarship program is one of the many programs offered by the Gambian American Network. After thorough evaluation and research, we decided to run a scholarship program in The Gambia, West Africa., where students are selected based on need and academics. With the help of our able program coordinator and the Ministry of Education, we were able to successfully deliver a program that sponsored a total of 50 students across The Gambia totaling D200, 000 in distributions for 2015/2016 academic year as it is known in The Gambia.

The students were selected from Secondary and Madrassas across the country. The fifty students have their tuition ,examination fees, books, stationery and for some even uniforms paid for fully. The feedback have been very positive as most of the students sponsored would have been out of school if not for our intervention.

In future years, the target is to sponsor hundreds of students. GAN as an organization will continue to do everything possible to reach such goals. However, we also know we will need to partner and seek collaboration with other Gambian and non-Gambian organizations in the diaspora and make this dream a reality for The Gambian students. We also intend to in the future to implement the program in New York modeled at a plan and target population commensurate with the need and interest on the ground .

The GAN scholars program invites suggestions and support towards her sustainability. Should you need more information, kindly send a note to